Let the Southampton Town Board know you support the Maritime Planned Development District. Everyone benefits!

The proposed plan to rehabilitate the Canoe Place Inn and build luxury townhomes on
the east side of the Shinnecock Canal will:

Check Substantially upgrade the immediate vicinity near the Canoe Place Inn, enhancing
property values of nearby homes;

Check Generate significant sales and property taxes that will benefit the Hampton Bays
School District as well as Town, County, State, and other taxing jurisdictions;

Check Increase revenues generated by property taxes by more than $703,000 above
what is currently collected;

Check Add approximately $676,783 annually in projected tax revenue to the Hampton
Bays School District — a 392% increase over existing conditions;

Check Generate new jobs, including both construction and permanent employment;

Check Bring visitors to Hampton Bays, to eat in its restaurants and shop in its stores, and
attract wealthy second-home owners who will spend their disposable income in town;

Check Create a public boardwalk for all to enjoy on the east side of the Shinnecock
Canal, with access from Montauk Highway;

Check Decrease the amount of nitrogen discharged on the CPI Property by over 65% and
by 30% for the Canal and Eastern Properties;

Check Result in a contribution from the developer to the Town of Southampton for open
space preservation;

Check Save a valued piece of the past that is central to the history and character of
Hampton Bays;

Check Transform a dilapidated eyesore currently producing nothing but problems
for the Hampton Bays community into a revitalized and vibrant Canoe Place Inn.

Check Improve the overall quality of life in Hampton Bays.